Don’t Be Afraid To Say How Much You Care

Don’t Be Afraid To Say How Much You Care

The Ultimate Elizabeth Taylor Gives Loving Tribute To Barbra Streisand

Don’t Be Afraid To Say The Words I Love You Out Loud

Who has been humiliated to hear a loved one say loving words in front of someone else? Who has been too shy and afraid to tell someone how much they love another? What are we afraid of, really?

Courage Expressed Breeds More Courage

Elizabeth Taylor has the courage to speak openly in public before a wide audience about her feelings. Do you think that Barbra Streisand will blush of embarrassment? Or rather, is it as if these two enormously talented, loving and wonderful people are in the room all alone, with the rest of us as outsiders, witnesses to the strong bond and connection of two people who admire each other? Where do we fit in and what can we learn?

It Gets Easier Each Time You Say How Much You Care

In the scheme of life, speaking opening and directly and honestly will breed more courage to express all kinds of emotions and feelings. In fact, we may be able to develop these inner skills toward loving ourselves and receiving the love from others more easily. Elizabeth Taylor says it all with a spirit and grace radiating from her whole self and her voice.  

As an aside, I’m trying to find a category to place today’s thought on love expressed freely. It doesn’t seem to fit precisely in “blogging, blogtalkradio, the environment, healthcare freedom, homeopathy, legislative advocacy, more about me, branding, preparedness, social networking, vaccinations, weight loss or the social networks” categories listed in my blogs. I’m considering creating a new category, or else leaving it under ‘health’ for mental, spiritual and emotional health, or else in ‘homeopathy’ for the basic tenant of “likes cures likes.” Let us reflect each other in love and joy.

Feeling Hopeless And Sorry For Your Self

Scared Skinny When You Face Your Self, Hopelessness, Disease and Death

Award Winning Comedian
Feeling Hopeless About Our Appearance On The Outside

When we carry the burden of fat and overweight around every day, we are not doing ourselves a favor. We cannot consider this “lifting weights” although it may make our bones a bit stronger, the stress on the joints may be more than the body can handle.

As A Result Depressive Thoughts Run Through Our Heads

We cannot see far enough into the future to imagine a positive outcome. Loss of a love relationship, loss of friendships, loss of self esteem and even loss of life may ensue from the damage of overweight. Our physical self houses the soul with our life mission, dreams and hopes for everything good. We all pray for the same blessings of life, liberty, freedom to move about with ease, to pursue our dreams with the skills and talents we’ve developed and been gifted.

I Stumbled Upon Mary Dimino and Her Story of “Scared Skinny.”

She talks to us with honesty and truth, unburdening her worries, cares and fears. Immediately, I reread the title of her book from “Scared Straight” for those who do drugs or criminal activities, juvenile delinquent activities and misbehavior as a comparison. I could feel the terror, especially when Mary spoke about caring for her mother who was undergoing cancer treatments. I know what that feels like from personal experience, and you do feel like the last days of your life descended with that diagnosis.

Is Our Physical Body Directly Related To Our Spiritual Self?

I do think the connection between physical and spiritual quite mystical and we can’t possibly understand it fully. Yet, we can take steps to care for the part of us that houses the soul and the outcome will be quite joyful. We see her inner beauty start to shine as she becomes enlightened to the dark side of self pity. We see the bright recognition of self control and responsibility for self care. We see her get well.  Blessings.

Meet Mary and just look at her now!

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Mass, Weight, Light and Perspective

Mass, Weight, Light and Perspective and All That Jazz

This video started me thinking about math, physics and calculating our caloric intake versus weight loss to change our body mass. A new set of eyes with a new perspective will make a major difference in our self view and world view.  Personally, I like for people to talk nice and slow so I can process the information. The narrator in the video below talks so fast that it becomes a garbled message in the brain.  Do your eyes begin to glaze over? Sitting in a math or physics class, the instructor starts giving the mass, speed, distance and time equations for trains and pedestrians. Instead of figuring out the answer, you may be lulled to sleep. Did you even notice the strumming of a guitar as the background music in the video?

If we look at the basic concepts being taught we realize that our patterns of thinking about the world and our place in the world can quickly change. This can change over time as we mature, or as we intake new information and data.

Take A Look At Our Light Body

Over time, our true soul source of light energy can get covered over by mass and pulled down by gravity. Our inner light gets bundled up and covered up by our emotions, how we think about our self, the mind-speak we tell our self, and the way we treat our body. For instance, the fuel we put into our mouths may not be the best type of energy to make our inner lamp light shine through to the outside world.

Empty Calories Can Weigh Us Down

All that empty calorie food, which we can hardly even call ‘food’ or ‘nutrition’ gets dumped into the pit of our stomach to rot. In order to uncover that weighty mass that hides our true self from others and even our own glazed over eyes, we must take some concerted action steps.

Light The Spark That Hides Waiting Inside

That lovely saying, “It all begins with me” can happen in the flash of a second, or when we notice that the earth is truly round. In that moment, we can lose the extra baggage around our middle and spin, spin, spin like a dancing top for joy.

If you would like to learn more about a form of healing energy that can assist your weight loss journey, simply contact me.